Microsoft Surface, part 1

Like the rest of the blogging world (Scoble, ScottGuSam Gentile to name a few), I'm assimilating the possibilities of this new Microsoft technology.

( in fact, I think I'm making Microsoft sound like a not-so-bad version of the Borg - They are characterized by relentless pursuit of targets for assimilation, their collective consciousness that enables rapid adaptability to almost any defense, and the ability to continue functioning properly despite seemingly devastating blows. They have become a powerful symbol in popular culture for any juggernaut against whom "resistance is futile." - couldn't resist that quote)

I've just gone to the Microsoft Surface site and found that its using, wait for it, Adobe Flash Player 9.

Beta or not, Silverlight should have been used here - when you use your own products, it inspires confidence in your customer base ( in Microsoft's case, .Net developers).

And I like the logo. Its in similar vein to  the Silverlight one. The new, high tech, sci-fi like logos Microsoft are now using show how Microsoft is positioning itself to ride these new technologies into the future and guarantee its continued existence. Just a thought.