Games Charts

Theres an internal dicussion board in the Computer Science course on the game charts and their differeces. Heres my comment:

Looking at the Japan chart there are two striking things:

  1. Most are for the DS or PSP
  2. Most are distinctivly Japanese games

The DS and PSP feed in to the Japanese thirst for new technology – theres a reason why the 360 was released there first.

Japanese games feed into the Japanese culture. You or I would feel rather lost playing a Japanese game, but would feel right at home playing Pro Evolution or Need for Speed. These are mostly japanese publishers so they understand thier home market. That is the reason why Mircrosoft is finding it difficult, if not impossible, to capture the Japanese market – the culture difference.

Looking at the British Game Chart, you see the games that fit into our culture. FootBall, Golf, The Sims, and Shoot ’em Up’s. We are used to these things. That’s why Japanese games made for the Japanese market will never sell here ( take Pokemon, for instance)- no one would buy them since we would not understand them( at least not very well).Try do a proper Japanese bow, observing all the social conditions that dictate the precise degree of bowing ( I’m not kidding). Or understanding the intricit system social system in Japan? Get my point about different cultures . “Our” games, on the other hand, can be sold anywhere – everyone one understands the concept of football, the concept of killing the bad guys, of running Sims lives. Thats why we sell our games over there.

The Americans are nearly the same, though the difference in sports games reflects the cultural difference. They get NFL instead of Fifa, NBA and NHL. We get plain old FIFA and PGA with the occisional Rugby tossed in for goot measure.

Any comments?:)