The Mobile Web (and Google)

I don’t use the Mobile web much. In fact, I only use it to check my Google Mail and Reader and started that this weekend. Why only Google Reader and Mail? Because Google offers straight text for its mobile websites. Text is cheaper and faster to download over WAP than pictures.

The mobile websites for both Google services are fantastic, save a few things. Reader doesn’t allow you to share an item (which meant I had to star items I wanted to share and share them later), and its really irritating. The ability to add a post to your Google Notebook is also missing (this arguably should be one of the first things included on both the main and mobile sites). I add posts to my notebook all the time. The Google Reader log in page is the “normal” version and you need to scroll right to get to the log in box.

I did take a look at my own blog from my mobile and came away disappointed. It didn’t look very good. The header scaled down to fit the screen, but the background was all messed up.

For the rest of the websites I visited: GET A MOBILE WEBSITE NOW!

Normal websites viewed on a mobile browser become lists of links that are in the header and the “other interesting articles” sections which not only take time to download, but a heck of a lot of time to scroll down to the content you want to read. Again, irritating.

Now bear in mind, I’m not into doing scientific samples to determine wether this is a widespread problem or not and I’m going from my (limited) weekend browsing.

It wouldn’t take a lot to change. Most sites have CSS styles for printing articles that happen to be mostly text and no pictures and perfect for mobiles. Nokia and the rest probably have some culpability in this. They need to ensure that their browsers work properly and can handle “normal” websites better.

As far as I’m concerned, mobile websites for my websites have been added to the ToDo list for the summer.

Should I try Google Calender on my mobile now?