I might as well jump in here with the rest of the crowd.

Scoble blogged about it. He says:

TechMeme actually works great. Tracks thousands of news feeds and every few minutes it remeasures which ones are most important. Problem is that TechMeme only covers tech news. Its sister sites cover gossip, or regular news/politics, or baseball.

But what about 800 custom feeds that you hand picked?

Well, that’s what FeedHub is aimed at.

You put your feeds into it and FeedHub will pick the best stuff to show you out of those feeds.

Sounds good. And I do need help with my feeds ( I never manage to read everything). So I’m trying it out.

So far I’ve only revived 5 posts from all my feeds that FeedHub picked. They’ve not been the ones I would jump at, but it is supposed to learn your reading habits.

Read/WriteWeb also seems to be positive about the service, albeit with the following clarification:

My problem with such services in the past has been that the output, a single feed, is not very well integrated into a user’s daily RSS reading experience. Ideally I’d like a service like FeedHub to be integrated into Bloglines or Google Reader itself (or whatever RSS Reader you use). In other words, a user ideally should be able to filter their feeds within their RSS Reader of choice. Perhaps we’ll see that happen in the near future.

I agree with them 100%. In fact I’d go as far as to say that Google should by the company NOW. Although Google Reader is out of preschool  ( 🙂 ) beta, Google need something to blow the competition out of the water, like they’ve done with search.

RWW elaborates on how FeedHub works:

Feedhub is built on mSpoke’s “mPower Adaptive Personalization Engine”, which the company has a patent pending on. The key to training a Feedhub feed is the concept of a ‘meme’ – popularized in the tech blogging world by news aggregator Techmeme. FeedHub will discover new memes for you and learn “meme weights” by noticing which posts you click on and interact with

As usual, there’s more at RRW about FeedHub (I was about to leech the entire post, but thought he better of it)

So I’m trying it out. I’m going to see how it compares with my linkblog over time. naturally, there wont be a perfect match, but I’m looking at how good the personalization engine is.