Windows Vista Desktops

If you browse the desktops that are included with Vista and you find it lacking, there is always the collection from Hamid Darwish to spice up your desktop.

He’s the Flickr photographer that Microsoft hired to do something special for  the desktop. These are the Photos that didn’t make it:

Lost Sensations( OH ) ZoneDestination - vol. IIBeyond ClarityThe Planet of LifeExplore The RomanceThe Endless Journeydaylight editionNorthwest.OutdoorsS!lkReign of FireA Peek [ at the ] PeakThe Living SymphonyImprisonedEndless HorizonsExplorer in a world of giantsColors [ of the ] NorthwestAlone ... and facing the stormMt. ShastaInvasion of the liquidWhispers Of The PacificAngry ShoresEssential Colors of Middle EarthWizard [ of the ] Northwestheavens of the northwestAging Lands of Middle EarthThe BeastEchoes of a DreamVisions of InspirationShores of FireBy A Snowy HillsideNo Steps FurtherThe Distant Mountain - vol. II

You can download  the whole collection as a ZIP file from  his site. I’d unzip it directly to C:\Windows\Web\Wallpaper\ so it’ll show up when you personalize your desktop.

I’m using this one on my Laptop at the moment:

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