Ever think of yourself as a walking server farm??

Now that’s the question I asked myself after reading this fascinating article about DNA as a programing language and the cells as the computers. 

[The Source code] Is here. This not a joke. We can wonder about the license though. Maybe we should ask the walking product of this source: Craig Venter. The source can be viewed via a wonderful set of perl scripts called ‘Ensembl‘. The human genome is about 3 gigabases long, which boils down to 750 megabytes. Depressingly enough, this is only 2.8 Mozilla browsers.

DNA is not like C source but more like byte-compiled code for a virtual machine called ‘the nucleus’. It is very doubtful that there is a source to this byte compilation – what you see is all you get.

And people wonder about the value of reading huge numbers of feeds….

Via Scott Rosenburg (Of Dreaming in Code fame).