FriendFeed as a Service

I’m on holiday and just logged on to FriendFeed after a week away.

What I found was a load of Twitter comments that make no sense outside of their conversation context and two items of interest (Why Twitter is better than FriendFeed – which makes little sense and Internet-savvy voters shake up US presidential election which does).

The point being that on any particular day one’s  noise filter varies – in this case I wish to be rid of Twitters because I’m out of time (I’m being charged for WiFi – Net Neutrality for you!!).

Second, the interestingness ( yes, Yahoo I’m infringing on your patent) of the items is arbitrary. Thus what appeals to me one day may be the next based on my current circumstances ( this time I’m in a hurry and a summary would be best). In this second point, FF has done very well, giving Best Of filters for the Day, Week and Month ( through one could argue for the value of a Year filter). The Weekly best of gives me this item that springs to my attention:

Steve Rubel: “I am working on a post about the implication of Friendfeed, Mahalo and other human discovery engines on PR and journalism. Interested in your thoughts please share. ”

There’s  fascinating discussion in the comments. Its rather noticeable that items with lots of Likes and Comments appear in this filter.

Buts its my first point that needs to be addressed: I want to temporarily blog twitters, for example when I’m busy. Its noise control for when its needed.

But don’t get me wrong – I like the noise.