FriendFeed Gets My Images, Too – FriendFeed Notify 0.2

Like this picture?

(Yerba Buena Island – Thomas Hawk)

Me too. How about this one:

(Passage- johopo)

Nice huh?

One more:

(Untitled – Me)

Couldn’t resist.

My point is that the above three images will be posted to FriendFeed along with the link to this post by the new release of FriendFeed Notify 0.2.

Now this isn’t for just for photography buffs like me and Thomas Hawk. It works for any images embedded in an img tag and greater than 50x100px.

Now the release isn’t actually feature complete. There are a few things I’d like to add to it. These will be in the 0.2.1 release. Including picking and choosing which images to post and  the posting of a comment by way of summary. These are simple to implement and I don’t thing it will be too long before they are out.

So go and get it from here.

Anyone looking at the code will see that i am using the .Net frameworks webbrowser control to retrieve images. This runs in the same dialog you are shown the images.The regexes I tried are all in the code, but commented out. If anyone can help with these, that would be great. It would cut down on the overhead. Thanks.

For those of you reading this and wondering hat happened to my Smugmug add-in for WHS.its been on the back burner for a while. I didn’t expect the hiatus to take this long. In the meanwhile, Omar Shahine has updated his Send To SmugMug utility. Some of the features for the next release that people are voting on are similar in concept to my add-in. So, go vote. I still intend to do this Add-In and get it integrated with WHS.