In defense of @friendfeed from @techcrunch’s attack. (@parislemon I’m looking at you)

Allow me to repost the comment I made on this Techcrunch post, it being a blatant attack on Friendfeed.

One we are not “pissed”. At all. We’d only be up in arms if Facebook closed Friendfeed.

Two. If its not news why are you reporting it.

Three. It is news because Friendfeed pioneered some of those wonderful features now known as Google buzz.

Four. The last time Friendfeed had problems was October 29th with some network problems. Ergo, it is NOT twitter. At all.

Five. Even if it were twitter, you never did treat twitter as harshly as you treated Friendfeed in this post. Even during the Era of the Failwhale.

Six. You don’t like Friendfeed. We get it.

Seven. Here endeth the lesson.

Really. I’m not surprised.

The question I really want to be answering here is why people are leaving Friendfeed. I certainly can’t think of a reason why not to. Even Scoble freely admits that Friendfeed has the superior feature set.

Facebook as a 200 million strong userbase.

So, Mark Zuckerberg, turn them loose on Friendfeed please.