Re: 7 reasons why the Windows 7 Phone is THE iPhone Killer

I thought I’d repost my comment on this fascinating post: 7 reasons why the Windows 7 Phone is THE iPhone Killer – read the post first.

I must say that I am seriously tempted to get a Windows Phone 7 phone. For all the above reasons.

As a developer, the major enticement is the fact that I can write my own apps for the phone for free.

Having an iPhone and an AppleTv, I’m pretty heavily invested into iTunes store content. That is the big thing holding me back. If Microsoft could get their software to authenticate files with Apple’s DRM servers,t his would be the cherry on the top. The media hub is certainly indicative of Microsoft embracing content irrespective of its origin.

Finally, I assume that the phone syncs with Microsoft’s beautiful Zune software. iTunes as a software program is terrible and the Zune software out does it six ways to Sunday. Again, another big plus.

All the above having being said. I’m wondering what apple will do to respond to this. They clearly have a huge task ahead of them. Microsoft is cleverly tapping into the large install base of Windows and Xbox Live games, the large install base of Mesh, the huge install base of visual studio and Silverlight developers and finally, the huge install base of Exchange servers. These are four constituencies that Apple does not have any worthy alternative (unless one counts the pitiful Exchange support in the iPhone).

This is clearly Microsoft playing to its strengths and not its weaknesses. They are playing this on their own rules, on their terms and and on their own turf.

This is why competition works.

I’d thoroughly encourage everyone to go and watch the Mix 10 Keynote on-demand here:

You’ll see why am so excited about this as a developer.

Finally, while I’m on the subject of Mix 10, go ahead and see UI designer Bill Buxton in the second half of the second keynote here for a truly inspiring speech: (he’s introduced at the 2:13 mark)