Managing Feeds

I was just adding some new feeds to Feedly. While this is not in itself a statement of earth shattering proportions, I did something I’ve never done before: I changed the title to reflect WHY I was subscribing to that feed.


Frasier Spiers is doing this really cool thing with iPads at a school in Greenock, Scotland (just up the road from me, as it turns out) called the iPad Project. So i changed the title from “Frasier Spiers” to include “The IPad Project”. Now i can remember why I’ve subscribed to that feed.

Hopefully you can see where I’m driving with this. I’d love to have some formal way to remind myself what I’ve subscribed to a particular feed. Some feeds will be self explanatory, such as Scoble or Scott Hanselmann. But feeds from others less well known (or at all) such as Frasier are a tad difficult to remember.

Not sure what form this may take, but it would make life an awful lot easier.

In closing, it strikes me that twitter follows have much the same problem. But its entirely the wrong medium for requiring explanations when you follow.