Of browsers and extensions

It might seem obvious, but its worth pointing out that browsers are next to useless for me without being able to support a couple of extensions.

Feedly being one and Delicious being the other. Not to mention a whole lot of debuggers and such.

If you’ve been keeping an eye on my Delicious feed, you’ll notice a pick up over the past few weeks. The reason being is that I installed the Delicious Chrome extension.

That highlights my point quite nicely.

I mentioned this because the IE9 Beta came out earlier today. Since its a beta, no plugins or extensions or any sort, as far as I know anyway. And so, I find myself feeling that IE9 looks, um, naked with out any extensions.

Don’t get me wrong here, IE9 is a fantastic browser. You can visibly tell the rendering speed has improved by leaps and bounds. The start up time has vastly improved as well.

Being a developer, its quite standards compliant as well. In fact, as I remarked on Twitter earlier, its the first Microsoft browser that hasn’t borked one of my sites. This may have something to do with the fact that my CSS is so basic its essentially Neanderthal cave paintings.

So, no IE-specific tweaking required. Bliss.

For a laugh, I pointed it to The Wilderness Downtown. The Chrome HTML5 experiment set to Arcade Fire’s We used To Wait. It won’t run. Disappointing.

In conclusion, I’m sure Microsoft has been working with extension developers to have some ready to go when IE9 is released to manufacturing. But before I do a IE9 vs Chrome and pick one for daily use, they both need near enough the same set of extensions.

Here’s hoping it won’t take long.

PS. I know I just skipped a boatload of IE9 features, mainly for the sake of brevity. Look for a longer post in the weeks to come, since I’m already liking this browser.