VLC, GPL and the Apple App Store

Update:I wrote this post using the WordPress iPhone app. So just got home and corrected some formatting

Today I read (see here) that the successful VLC iPhone app might be pulled from the App store.

The reasoning behind this, apparently is that the App Store Terms Of Service breach the GPL in that all apps are sold with DRM.

First of all, this is lunacy. After 3 years trying to get it in the store, pulling it would cause an uproar. After Apples’ successful weathering of the no flash controversy, that uproar is not going to get apple to remove DRM.

Second, VLC is open source. So, open source the app, or release a DRM free version on the jailbreak app stores. Problems solved.

So my advice to the VLC team is to grin it and bear it. Nobody said the world was perfect.

Sticking to the letter of the GPL may be wonderful for the open source diehards, but the rest of us seriously couldn’t care less.