From the Department of MVC useful goodies (and sponsored by the department of Stackoverflow saved my butt)

I use the API in my app a lot to do geolocation. Well, as such things are wont to do, it went down for about an hour today. Curiously, the production site wasn’t affected at all, but my dev work was. So, in panic mode  I needed to add a country selector so that the rest of the site would have  the country information it needed. Now the reason there wasn’t one already was a deliberate design choice. So, i needed a backup plan for the next time ipinfodb went down.

As usual, Stackoverflow saved my butt (again). There’s a great answer that explains the way to do things in MVC using Razor.

Rather than steal the guys thunder, I’m just going to add one recommendation. In the body of the javascript function add the following:


And the page refreshes, including any changes triggered by the selection.

Go on and read the answer here.