Holiday Reading List 2012

As is becoming something of a tradition here, I’m posting my reading list.

In a change from past years, I’m going completely electronic this year, taking along only my iPad Mini. No dead tree books his year.

As always tho, there is the usual problem of kindle vs iBooks. There is a non zero number of books that are on one platform but not the other. And, annoyingly, there is also a non zero number that are not on either of them.

(Perhaps I shouldn’t complain – digitising the collected literary output of humanity is a rather large endeavour).

Non Fiction

  1. The Rise and Decline of Nations – Mancur Olson – Kindle
  2. Enigma – Hugh Sebag-Montifiore – iBooks
  3. Secrets of the Conquorer – Stuart Prebble – iBooks
  4. The Signal and the Noise – Nate Silver – iBooks
  5. In Gods Name – David Yallop – iBooks


  1. Threat Vector – Tom Clancy – IBooks
  2. The Hunt For Red October – Tom Clancy – iBooks

Worth a mention

  1. The Great North Road – Peter F Hamilton – iBooks
  2. Starks War – Jack Campbell – iBooks

Now that I carry a substantial library of ebooks around with me in the palm of my hand, a set reading list is mostly out dated. Being able to read almost any book at a whim. And to do so comfortably using my iPad Mini makes such a difference 🙂

The Mini is a dream to use, BTW. Its light, and an excellent size for reading. And just small enough to type on without too many spelling errors. It is an excellent alternative to the kindle as a reading device.

(Ps watch the Instagram category on the blog for some holiday snaps)