I Like My Walled Garden

So Scoble, ye olde bastion of bleeding edge technology enthusiasts, is switching to Android.

Um, who cares?

Unfortunately, rather a lot of people do. Why. Because of that bleeding edge thing again…. Already Matthew Ingram and Guy Kawasaki are other high profiler switchers. Leo Laporte in fact, uses both iOS and Android.

But I Like My Walled Garden. It works for me.  The collary to that is, of course,  what works for me will not necessarily work for others.

If it works for Matthew, Guy and Robert, Great!But what works for them will not necessarily work for me. Or you, or your dog.  So lets just calm ourselves down a bit.

(tho i doubt we’ll get the tech press/blogs to stop salivating over this story)

I’m not writing this to address complains… People with far more time that me can do that. But there is something I want to say.

It struck me in writing this post that 90% of the time, we really do live in a world of software walled gardens. Microsoft for the OS and Office (and in my case, dev tools), Adobe for Creative Suite, and Apple for iTunes, iPhone, iPad etc.

Each of these walled gardens Just Works (Windows 8 is making this reality in the MS world). And I like that.

I’d like to argue the following proposition: Being inside a walled garden is preferable to being outside it.

Who wants to argue the other aside of proposition. Any takers?