WHS Add In

Last week, on the advice of  the We Got Served blog  I downloaded and installed the OnTheFlyUnzipper (download link).

It works like a dream. it allows you to upload multiple files as a zip archive, saving time and bandwidth.

Other options or functions:

– unzip only archives with a special prefix in the filename (if you don’t want to unzip every archive)

– delete the archive after uncompressing

– create a folder for the contents of the archive

– select the shares that should be monitored for archives

– runs as a service

– languages: English and German

Now I haven’t actually needed to remotely upload files, but I’ve seen this add on at work. All  the zip archives in the folders that are being watched have been unzipped, even though they weren’t  uploaded.

Summary: its pretty neat. I’d love to peek at the source.

I think I’ll pick another Add-in to try from the We Got Served Add-In Page.

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