Now I’ve tried getting the built in DHCP server that is part of the underlying Windows Server 2003 working and it didn’t turn out very well.

Now, however a new Windows Home Server Add In takes the pain out of DHCP. DHCP4WHS is great. I just spent ten minutes getting it working.

This thing handles anything you care to throw at it: Remote Access, Remote desktop, VPN connections.

Basically I ticked the box on the Router setup page ( I have a Linksys  W54WAG gateway/Router) for DHCP Server Relay, typed in the the static IP address I’d just set up for the server (be sure to do this first), get the nameservers from the DSL  status page and finally, amend the port forwarding on my router to get Remote Access working. The nameservers are the most important bit as you need them to get online.

In the DCHP4WHS config page, if you do change settings, be sure to restart the service for the new settings to take effect.

I’ll grant you that a DHCP Server isn’t very sexy… but it does have something very unique that I think is worth bragging about… as far as I can tell DHCP4WHS is the first and only DHCP server written in C# and/or for the .NET Framework.

It is quite an achievement. I’d love to see the source.

In the finest tradition of Windows Home Server, DHCP4WHS “just works”.

It gets my Code2Fame vote.

(Thanks to MS Homeserver blog and We got served for the info)

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