Windows Home Server UK Retail (Updated)

Well. I was about to go on buy the WHS OEM and lo and behold Novatech had sold out. 43 are expected in on 25 September.

I’m not in the mood to wait that long so I headed over to ( everyone’s favorite online retailer) and still nothing there.  Annoying. Very, very Annoying.  I figure amazon has more clout than Novatech and could get its hands on a nice pile of packs. There is not even a place holder page. So Amazon had better gets its act together.

I headed over to As of this writing 18 are on hand. For £40 more. I wont relate the invective now streaming through my mind. Well…

Anyone know where else I can get this without giving an arm and a leg?

Update: Blue Solutions have 16 coming in this week. I’ve already ordered. Thanks Philip for the tip.

Update 2 (27/09/07): Blue Solutions have already sold all their stock. I’m told they’ll be shipping at the beginning of next week. Which means I’ll finally have my hands on the WHS RTM next week.