Microsoft Search Server

I had next to no idea about it until Mary J Foley’s article about it.

I’m still a bit stupefied as to what exactly it does. Search. Yeah, I got that bit. But what, aside from stuff the server is installed on?

Index content on file servers, web sites, Windows SharePoint Services, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, Exchange Server public folders, and Lotus Notes repositories. Find additional Indexing Connectors in the Search Connector Gallery.

I checked the Connector Gallery. It’s simply an explanation of the types of connectors.

As far as I can tell, Connectors allow target systems to be indexed by the Search Server.

And how does Windows Desktop Search come in to this whole thing???

And its free. The very best part of any software system you can find 🙂 .

Microsoft’s site also mentions that you can program against it. And that is really cool. A WHS Add-In anyone???

Though, in hindsight, its a wonder Microsoft never incorporated the Express version with WHS somehow. it would have ben an extra killer feature that would have tied right in with the Remote Access bit.

I’m adding it to my WHS v2 Feature Wishlist.