I Went Out and Bought One – iPod Touch

Does Steve Jobs have knack for designing things, or is it just me????

After ranting an raving here and else where about how I’d never buy an iPod unless DRM was sorted out, guess what? I Went Out and Bought One.

The Glasgow Apple Store is quite something. I was really impressed since I’d never been to an Apple store.  All the customer space is given over to Display models. There were iPhone between each iMac, MacBook, Apple TV, etc. The only retail items on display, as far as I could tell, were the iPod/iPhone accessories and the software. To get anything you ask one of the assistants who will get it for you from the back of the store. this works really well since it allows customers to focus on the devices. You can see Apple Design throughout the store.  

And I still can’t belive the sheer size of the 24″ iMac. It literally defies belief. I’ll put it this way, getting out of the store is far harder than getting in to it.

Picked up some earphones to go over my ears rather than inside them ( I can’t stand the standard earphones). And the guy got my iTouch. Purchasing was painless. The place felt like Steve himself had trained the staff and approved the decor.

And now my iTouch is charging after registering with iTunes. The one thing that really got me was that you can’t use it out-of-the-box. You need have an Internet connected PC running the latest version of iTunes and you can use it only after you  have registered it.

Since my library is mainly WMA files and stored on my Windows Home Server, I installed iTunes on the server and set it to work re-encoding my library and putting it in a dedicated iTunes shared folder. Fortunately I only have about 2000 songs so its not a lot *(Mind you, iTunes seems to have made it mind up that there are only 791 songs in said library. Hmmmm) . Its been running an hour and done nearly 400 songs, so a few hours and then I can sync music to  my iPod Touch.

Setting up Wi-Fi was painless insofar as I needed to change my key to make it slightly easer to type on the iPod because of the keyboard. The keyboard isn’t bad at all. In fact its a lot better that I  thought it was after reading various blogs on the subject. You can very easily hit the wrong key the first few times that you use it, but it quickly grows on you, and you get better and better at using it.

I’m impressed at the minimal  packaging of the iPod. The earphones had more by at least an order of magnitude.

The other thing is I strongly suggest you get a case. It looks rather fragile in the sense that it can be easily scratched. So I’m picking that up next week from said Apple Store.

All hail his Steveness…… šŸ™‚