iPod Touch Week One

I’ve been listening to music too much and posting too little 🙂 .

The iPod Touch ( I prefer calling it the iTouch) is really good. Some songs come out sounding  better than they do on my speakers on the PC (Ok, not the best available speakers – JBL Creature).

The web browser is really really good. The whole JavaScript thing doesn’t work ( which you would expect since it is a full version of Safari, I belive). I mean what on earth were Apple thinking??? How many websites do  you  know of that don’t have Javascript???? I use it all the time in developing websites. Even if it’s not for visual stuff, java script can be doing a lot of heavy lifting in the background ( take, dare I say it, Facebook Beacon).

Looking at Google Reader in Classic mode is an experience somewhere between being eaten alive and having an out-of-body-experience of the event – can’t decide which is worse.  Trying to type and send an email in GoogleMail ( I tried), I found a strong urge to became a Chinese Citizen ( even the Great Firewall of China doesn’t stop Javascript) 🙂 . And by the way, I did finish the email and used by PC to find the addresses to send it to.

Though the Mobile mode is much, much better. I think its specially formatted for the iPhone/iTouch.

Viewing websites that don’t run on JavaScript or gracefully handled the fact that Javascript was off was pretty good. I think the lack of Javascript was one of the main reasons that Youtube is a separate application on the iTouch.

Don’t even get me started on Flash support

The integration with iTunes direct from the iTouch is a gift from heaven itself, from His Steveness to his faithful Apple flock 🙂


Change that to an iTouch Comic and it would be perfect.

Youtube works seamlessly as well.

Now, the Syncing experience is something else. If I plug my iPod into my laptop instead of my PC ( keeping in mind I originally used my PC to Sync the iTouch), I get asked if I want to erase my iTouch and sync new music to it. Now my library is exclusively ripped CD’s that I’ve bought myself. Shouldn’t iTunes recognize that I already have music from the library ( both my laptop and PC use the same iTunes library out of a shared network location on my server) and shouldn’t it allow me to add, change or delete the playlists/music on my iTouch???

Now if there was a way to sync shared  library music (i.e from iTunes running over the server and sharing its library) to my iPod, there wouldn’t be this problem ( if there is, please post a comment. Thanks). 

Podcast subscriptions work great. Already subscribed to Scott Hanselmann.

Can’t complain about anything else. the design is great. the interface is supurb. Take how the screen gently coasts to a stop when you’ve finished scrolling. The whole flipping thing is really great. I’m getting used to it and its quite responsive when you know what to do.

My mother was using it quite well with out even being told what to do. She still asks me about emails.

Can’t wait for the SDK to come out. I’m assuming that the iPhone SDK is also for the iTouch. Can’t wait till I can say: “Pimp my iTouch”.

Dear Steve:

We hold these truths to be self-evidently pie in the sky, that all bloggers are created equal, that they are endowed by their Computers and iPhones with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are lots and lots of Links, [JavaScript, Flash] and the pursuit of AdSense Dollars

Ken Newsome

PS added in the bit about Javascript and Flash myself.

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