Its Been a While – WHS Add in

I’ve been off ill. Pretty badly in fact, which is why  haven’t posted. or done much programming.

I’m adding the finishing touches to the service – mainly making sure it won’t crash itself or the Server and that it actually does what I intend it to do.

So I’m gradually turning my attention to the scheduled task that will upload files. This is a nightmare mainly because of the large number of possible scenarios. These mainly have to do with updated files. It depends what has changed – the image itself (i.e. after a trip through Photoshop or Elements) or the metadata (keywords, tags, etc).

I’m also getting to grips with the settings and console tabs in terms of what will go where. I tend to try to nail down the user interface first in my software projects so that I know what user interface logic needs to be implemented. No use writing lines of code that, although doing something quite logical and correct, turn out not to be needed.

I’ve yet to forget about this little project- just wish Omar Shashine would release his code for his Send to Smugmug App. Don’t forget to check his site for the latest version.