Writers Block

Critics search for ages for the wrong word, which, to give them credit, they eventually find.
  – Peter Ustinov

Right. There is no denying it. I am suffering through a period of writers block.

Granted, blogging, tech news, commentary and open source software aren’t my main priorities in life.

I’m even having trouble fitting in the photography and the photo editing.

So what’s up man??? I’m not going into it ( I have no wish for things to pop up in Google searches for the rest of eternity), but suffice it to say that its easier being lazy than getting on with it, at the moment.

The 7 habits ( which I really think it is a great book) don’t get followed religiously. However, the 7th habit itself, sharpen the saw says the essentially we need to look back at times and get our heads right, the previous 6 habits right before we can more forward. At least that is my interpretation of it. I’m a great fan of the notion that you have to win the private battle before you can tackle the public one. This acknowledges that fact that the public and private can be very different sometimes. And the fact that we can retreat into our shells sometimes.

So while I’ve absolutely no intention of giving up blogging, FriendFeed, my RSS feeds, I’m also not declaring a hiatus. I’m just saying that posts may not come thick and fast, but they’ll come.

I have ideas, I have things I’d like to do. But just can’t get round to them.

So. Who has tips for getting things jumpstarted?