iPhone UI Rant

I present to you my dear reader the first in an infinite series of posts in which I rant.

Now my iPhone ( which I got about 4 weeks ago) is great. I love it.

But every now an against there are a few things that crop up and bite me.

Now I’m a big believer in the UI. the UI makes or breaks a program or device. And the Ui needs to steer a fine line between restricting the options avaliable and leaving its users howling. Or opening too many options that can end up breaking the program (one cannot know the precise combination of large numbers of inputs an their effects in a large number of different situations).

So I understand that. But I’m asking for Apple to enable a few more options in the settings

  • Apple: the battery on your device sucks. Unless you turn off 3G, you battery life goes down the toilet. So heres what I’m asking you to do ( since this is your problem in the first place). Allow me to toggle a setting such that 3G is only turned on for Safari or other internet applications and turned off when I quit. Do the same with Wi-Fi. And since there is no MMS or video calling, no one is gonna need it anyway for calling and texts anyway.
  • Your keyboard sucks too. But your software dosen’t. I’ve even taken notes for a two hour lecture on my iPhone and its worked out well enough. Just let me have pervasive tilting so that I can type on the larger keys.
  • Mobile Safari crashes on me with astounding regularity. When an app crashes, at least do it gracefully. A black screen or the home screen does not cut it. Do something like your arch rivals in Redmond do and let your users know that you have collected the error data so  that you can work on it. Its amazingly calming (the flow of updates on the first Tuesday of every month provides that psychic calm to Jerry Sienfeld). And offer to restart the app too. Since you don’t get crashes on OSX very often, we’ll give you some time to get it right.
  • The appearance of an unified mailbox would be nice. Its a pain having to go all the way back to the accounts tab to swap accounts.
  • Do not tell me that syncing with a new exchange server wipes my current calendar and contacts. Seriously Apple this is a major mistake. And has multiple level of fail. This is 2008 and people are going to have more than one calender. Get used to it. And people have hundreds of contacts. Who is going to take responsibility if they mysteriously disappear?
  • If a Youtube video is unavailable tell me, don’t take me to the Youtube mobile search page. Is that so difficult?

Now don’t get me wrong, the UI is brilliant. It answers all my other gripes about other phones.

Even my mother (who would have been frightened of a Mechanical Turk) can use it. She required no instruction whatsoever and is as happy as a clam using it.

Apple, history has handed you on a golden platter the chance to completely redefine what people do with handheld devices forever.

Use it.