Fences from Stardock (and some Windows 7 screenshots)

I heard of this great little utility called Fences. Scott Hanselman* mentioned it in a blog post a while back.


As you can see, it groups controls into little fenced off corrals. If there are too many icons in the corral, it will scroll like so:


That scrollbar fades in nicely when you hover your mouse anywhere on the corral and fades out when you leave.

There is a nice settings panel:



Helpfully, it will also  take snapshots of how you’ve arranged your desktop:



Its immensely useful and you should go check it out. Right now.

While we’re showing off Windows 7 desktop screenshots, this gorgeous theme is available for download.

You can get it from the Windows 7 Theme Gallery here.

If you’re in the US, this theme shipped with Windows 7, if not its the “United States” theme in the gallery. All of the localized themes for all countries are available in addition to one or two jazzier ones.

*PS I’m convinced we have to start calling Scott Manselman “the Ha”. We already call Scott Guthrie “the Gu” – naming conventions, people.

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