Now, I don’t know why i waited so long to install this iPhone app, but this app is seriously cool.

What better time to try this than on holiday (in the Dominican Republic, no less)?? (more on the holiday in another post)

So, here are the pics:

IMG_0752 IMG_0762 IMG_0776 IMG_0788 IMG_0799 IMG_0800  IMG_0836 IMG_0845 IMG_0835


(click to see the source pic)

Worked fairly well. Its not foolproof and you will see some ghosting  where the images have not lines up completely.  I may redo the pano’s with Photoshop and do a comparison.

Movement does tend to screw things up, but not always.

Taking those pano’s of the beach proves to be a tad difficult. If the sky is completely blue, there’s not much to differentiate one pic from another.

This is just another of example of the iPhone continuing to surprise.

So before I join the AutoStitch praising echo chamber, I’ll leave it here.

(PS. At £1.19 it is a steal)