Codeplex Project Updates

Meant to do this quick rundown a few weeks back.

  • WCF Client Server Chat– No new development. However, I do think that I’ll have a ready to run version to post. No timing on this. But since this is apparently the most popular project here, I’m feeling the pressure.
  • RSSCloudNotify. Yes, there is a bug in the code. Sometimes it makes it through to the server and sometimes not. This project is in active development, it being a part of my honours year project for uni. The current build was a quick test project to get an idea of the scale of the task. So it WILL be re-written properly leveraging the full ASP.Net stack.
  • WHS2Smugmug. This is also under active development, albeit with a hiatus while I complete my last few months at uni. I have definitely not forgotten about this. Currently, its awaiting testing and revising before releasing a beta. (Don’t forget to follow the project on twitter @whs2smugmug)
  • FFNotify – No new development for awhile. But I do plan to fix the bugs in the current revision. Freindfeed is pretty snappy importing blogs now, so this is not exactly high priority (if you feel different, give me a shout).

Naturally, all the above fixes etc (save for RSSCloudNotify) are subject to how things go at uni. Indeed, some of the stuff I will be writing for my honours year project directly translate back to these projects.

These are all projects that I care deeply about. And are projects that I stated to solve my own problems. Unfortunately there are only so many hours in the day 🙂

Thanks for your interest and support.


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