In response to a N900 review

Theres a nice comparison of the iPhone versus the N900 here.

I’m not sold. So I thought I’d repost my comment here (read the post first):

Good review.
1. How does the N900 support very Flash heavy sites?? Can you play Flash games etc??

2.How do N900 apps compare to iPhone ones?? How is the fit and finish?? Do UI designers aspire to the Apple-esque UI paradigm that has made iPhone apps so successful (and so user-friendly)?? Is there the same range of apps that the iPhone app store has?? the ones that are completely off the wall brilliant??

3.I agree that Contacts need to be updated soon, but I don’t like the inclusion of all services contact lists. There are apps that will work with your contacts. And if you use Gmail Mobile Sync, youc an manage your contacts on line and have that synced to you phone.

4.I’d be very glad to be rid of iTunes. My itunes library got borked and its a pain to rebuild and re sync etc. Not the first time either. However, I’m not sure moving to something thats even worse at syncing is a good  idea. While there are no apps for Windows Media devices, there are certainly apps for Sonos and AppleTv/iTunes for the iPhone. If you are all Apple devices in the home, this is no problem.

5. I’m not sure I like the idea of all in one messaging. I typically like to keep the real and online worlds separate. Can you turn it off?? Customise what services appear?? Custimise whose updates from online appear??

6. Yes, the iPhone camera needs an upgrade. And yes the shareing options are limited. But you completely ignore the role of apps here. there is a breathtakign range of apps that work with your photos, adding effects, cropping, panoramas etc. Apps will share you photos on twitter, facebook, posterous, etc.

Finally, I think we need to see what will be in iPhone 4. There will be a new camera no doubt.

Push notifications are an acceptable alternative to multitasking, but i’d take performance and battery life over real multitasking any day of the week.

And i argue that once ap developers have figured out how to bring Push to thier social networkign apps, we will see some amazing integration. But even now, there are loads of social apps in the store.

I’m not sure you’ve sold me on the N900.