Screencast Plans

So, I’m prepping to make a start on the screen cast series on Building a Feedreader on Windows Azure. I thought I’d make a list of things to do both  for the screencast itself and for the code.

So this post will be updated as I think of things.

After the test I ran by doing a screencast on the Oil Spills app, I figured that I’m dispensing with the webcam overlay – its too distracting.

Also as the test showed, I’m gonna have to deal with frequent interruptions – for drinking water, for screwing up the explanation of something etc.  So I’m gonna have to record each part in a number of separate chuncks and join them together with Windows Live Movie Maker.

Also, I decided that its best not to start from scratch. I’m gonna have some of the code already written, namely the data access layer for Windows Azure Tables. Two reasons for this. One I have to make adjustments of the previous version of DAL. Two it’s practically boilerplate code and I don’t want to bore you.

After the final commit for each episode, I’ll post the link to the changeset, so you can download the code.

Finally, as we get later into the series (even the earth took 7 days to create), I may do an intro to recap the previous week using the webcam.

Now I do want to add one new feature for sure – and thats shared items, as Google Reader does. This will be entirely straightforward. items will be added to a RSS feed of shared items from that user. On request, i just read the blob and return the contents as an RSS file.

Now one thing is for certain – I’m definitely doing to do some things wrong in my code. So please be nice and pointed out. :)  Or, even better, submit a diff file correcting it 🙂

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