Building a Feed Reader on Windows Azure – Screencast Part 1

As I announced last month, I’ll be screen casting my efforts on the Windows Azure Feed reader.

Well, a couple of weeks ago, I just went ahead and did the first episode. The delay between recording it and posting is due to a weeks holiday and a further week and a half spent offline due to my ISP.

I’ve open sourced the code to

In this episode I cover:

  • the data access layer
  • associated helper code
  • I add a skeleton Feed class
  • I add all the Windows Azure Roles that we’ll be needing

I’ve tried not only to explain what I’m doing, but also why I’ve done things this way – with a view to how it will affect things down the road.

So here is the screencast:

Next time we’ll begin integrating things with our worker and web roles. We’ll be working with blobs and queues. And we’ll start chewing through some live data.

I’ll try keeping to a weekly schedule, but my schedule of late is anything but regular and predictable.


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