Windows Azure Feed Reader, Episode 2

A few days late (meant to have this up on Tuesday). Sorry. But here is part 2 of my Series on building a Feed Reader for the windows Azure platform.

If you remember, last week we covered the basics and we ended  by saying that this week’s episode would be working with Windows Azure proper.

Well this week we cover the following:

  • Webroles (continued)
  • CloudQueueClient
  • CloudQueue
  • CloudBlobClient
  • CloudBlobContainer
  • CloudBlob
  • Windows Azure tables
  • LINQ (no PLINQ yet)
  • Lambdas (the very basics)
  • Extension Methods

Now, I did do some unplanned stuff this week. I abstracted away all the storage logic into its own worker class. I originally planned to have this in Fetchfeed itself. This actually makes more sense than my original plan.

I’ve added Name services classes for Containers and Queues as well, just so each class lives in its own file.

Like last weeks, this episode is warts and all. I’m slowly getting the hang of this screencasting thing, so I’ll be getting better as time goes on I’m sure. Its forcing me to think things through a little more thoroughly as well.


Next week we’ll start looking at the MVC project and hopefully get it to display a few feeds for us. We might even try get the OPML reader up to scratch as well.

PS. This weeks show is higher res than the last time. let me know if its better.

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