A brief programming note

Those of you wondering where the Feedreader screencasts have gone should not be alarmed. I’m definitely going to be doing more of them. These past few weeks have been rather busy and every time i think i’ve a spot of free time to get the screencasts done, something comes up.

At least not in the next episode or two, but certainly when we put finishing touches, jQuery is going to play a massive role in what our UI does. Basically, theres no way around it. So I’ve been looking at jQuery and playing around with it some in preparation for what we’ll be doing later.  if your wondering how i managed to escape jQuery for so long the answer is simple: I’m not a web developer. I’m a Computer Science graduate.

I’ve tried to keep the blog regular, with at the very lest one new post a week, and I usually aim for more.

Now, to the real reason I’m writing this post.

I’m off on holiday tomorrow morning (6:30am to be precise – its what you get when you fly no-frills budget airlines like Ryanair. On second thoughts, it might just be the luck of the Irish too*).

I’ve long concluded that the International data plan from O2 is only worth it if you fly overseas more than once a year – and I only fly overseas once a year.  So I’ll be doing free wifi-hotspot tourism of the finest kind. However blog posts may be sparse.

So, see you in a few weeks. 

*Ryanair is Irish, hence the joke


PS – Considered a Kindle for this holiday. Nice cheap, wouldn’t add much to hand luggage. Looked at an iPad. Nice, expensive wouldn’t add much to hand luggage. Considering I’m aiming to get iPad v2 next year, the money was better spent buying actual books.

PPS Also, First holiday for my iPhone 4. I expect to get very familiar with the iMovie app.

PPPS All of the above assumes iIactually catch my flight. Look at the snow: