Windows Azure Feedreader Episode 8

Apologies for the long delay between episodes. I do these in my spare time and my spare time doesn’t always coincide with a quite environment to record the screencast.

But safe to say, I’m super excited to be back and doing these once again.

So, to it!!

This week we follow straight on from what we did in week 7, and modify our backend code to take account of user subscriptions when adding RSS feeds and RSS feeds from OPML files.

Additionally, we lay the ground work for next weeks episode where we will be writing the code that will update the feeds every couple of hours.

And finally, and perhaps most importantly, this week we start using the Windows Azure SDK 1.3. So if you haven’t downloaded and installed it, now is  the time.

There are some slight code modifications to take account of some breaking changes in 1.3 that are detailed in Steve Marx’s post on the subject.

Finally, I’ve just realised that the episode contains the wrong changeset information. The correct changeset is: 84039 (I’ll be correcting this slight oversight. Perfectionism demands it)

So, enjoy the show:

Remember, you can head over to to see the show in all its HD glory.

As I said, next week, We’ll be writing the update code that will automatically update all RSS feeds being tracked by the application.

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