Flipboard Review

One of the first apps I installed on my 64Gb wifi ipad was the Flipboard app. Now, after all the hoopla I heard from Robert Scoble and others, I was eager to use the app myself.

Now, the fact of the matter is that the app is beautifully designed. Really it is. A work of art. The page flips are beautifully animated. The app start up is brilliant, making me wonder each and every time i start it up what picture I’m going to get. The popout article pages are beautifully presented. Even the twitter client aspect of the app is very nicely done.

However, there are times when I go through my settle very leisurely and rather randomly, and Flipboard is sheer gold dust when it comes to this. Other times I’m more structured about my reading. I read the Tech folder first, then the Space folder, and finally the General folder. Only then, if i have time, do I randomly go through my other folders. This second way of reading my feeds is rather difficult on Flipboard. Moving between folders isn’t a smooth process and it requires too much work.

I actually prefer Feedly on my iPhone for reading my feeds when I’m going through Feedly quickly.

Feedly for iPad is coming soon, and we’ll see what difference it makes in this area.

There is one thing I’ve noticed: read/unread items do not always translate back to Feedly on the desktop. So, in fact, I end up reading some items twice. Since I’ve no idea of how Flipboard works under the hood, I’m not sure where the lag is coming in, whether it’s a Flipboard, Google Reader, or Feedly issue. But it sure would be nice to have some sync going on.

However, that having been said, Flipboard is very much of my routine. I rather enjoy reading it in the mornings over a cup of tea. It’s the first app I open. I really do think that it’s a most marvellous application and will definitely be using it very often.