WordPress Feature Request: A Universal Video Player

As any of you who have been following my screen casts know, I’ve been using Vimeo to host and share my videos.

However, Vimeo as it is is slightly restrictive: 500Mb uploads a week, and one HD video a week. for screen casts, HD is essential. So I’m limited to one video a week, if that.

Now that I’d love to do is to upload my videos to Windows Azure blobs. Blobs is comply format agnostic, so I could upload any format I wanted to: it doesn’t have to be Silverlight Adaptive Streaming (or whatever the term is). The CDN capability of Blobs is also very helpful.

Now nothing is stopping me from moving away from WordPress and being able to customise what every blogging system i’d run to load videos from Windows Azure Blobs. However, that’s a little more trouble that’s it worth right now.

(I’m actually thinking of eventually moving to Windows Azure utilising the extra small instance, but that’s a ways off)

So what I’d love is a video player that you can just point at a URL and it will play the video. It doesn’t have to be Silverlight or Widows Media specific. It could be H.264 files (an iffy proposition with Google yanking H.264 support from Chromium to be sure).

So in other words, WordPress can provide the player in whatever form it wants to. I just provide the player with the URL to the file to be played.

I would think that the HTML5 spec would make this a fairly trivial undertaking.

In fact, now that I think of it. Couldn’t one simply insert a tag in the HTML view of posts??