One of the things that makes Google+ so great

I’ve been thinking about this for a few weeks, and never really got a handle on how to articulate it.

Till today.


I was commenting on Scoble’s post. He says in the post  that importing tweets into Google+ is a very bad idea.

Now, apart from being very pleased that me and him see eye to eye on this, I commented:

Agree with you +Robert Scoble No tweets in here.
Keeping Google + free of imported stuff has encouraged/forced people to post original material rather than reuse from twitter, facebook, friendfeed, flickr, etc.
Its one of those things that make Google+ interesting and different from all the other social networks around. Its made google + a destination in and of itself, rather than simply a portal or an aggregator (like Friendfeed is)


This is part of, shall we say, a philosophy around which Google+ is built. A philosophy which, dare i say it, is socially engineering us.


For example, the fact that comments and posts are not limited to 140 characters and allow rich formatting actually encourages people to comment. And not just comment – to comment substantially.  That is why Google+ has such a great reputation (already) for interaction.


Google has taken a very different approach to the other social networks. It is attempting to fulfil a very different version of what a social network should be.

And so far, its succeeding.