BUILD Keynote–App Approval

Almost in passing, though it received big applause, Microsoft announced that the Windows App store will make its technical compliance tools available to app developers so that they can run them themselves and see the output.

This might not seem to be a big deal, but its a shot across the bow of the Apple App Store.  Apple’s apps store has had a terrible time over the years as high-profile Apple developers angst has come to the fore over the labyrinthine and mystical process of App Approval.


Microsoft are determined to do things differently. Obviously corporate prestige motivates Microsoft to keep some form of control on what ends up in the app store- no company wants to have PR disasters featured in their stores. On the other hand, Microsoft wants to move to Windows 8 and take their legions of Windows developers with them to the the new metro Style apps. So, by de-mystifying he approval process, Microsoft have removed another stumbling block to developers selling applications through the Microsoft App Store. Microsoft can have its cake and eat it too.



(Pic from the BUILD keynote 1)

I know I’m feeling more optimistic about the approval process.