LINQ Goodness: Google Charts Edition

My day job (one of them, anyway) is to design*, run and maintain Flying Shakes

If someone had told me when I started  that 90% of the code (and 87.653% of all stats are made up, but you get my drift) I’d write would be for the administration side of things, I’d never have believed it.


Anyway, to cut a long story short, it was in this context that I came across a fascinating article from the Association for Computing Machinery (and no, I have not heard of them before either). I came across this a month or so ago, but lost the link.


With a little bit of Google-fu, I’ve found it once again: The World According to LINQ.

While its a fascinating article that appeals to the Computer Scientist in me (supposedly useless classes on in-depth database theory tend to do that), what caught my eye was the code sample right at the bottom for generating Google Chart Url’s.

That sample is going to come in very handy for me and I thought I’s share it with you.

Go ahead and read the article.


*If you see me ranting on Twitter or Google+ about CSS, this is probably why.