The Google Cookie Monster

So everyone is up in arms because Google is using some nefarious tricks to bypass browser cookie privacy provisions.


Ok, So Google isn’t living up to its “Dont Be Evil” motto. Big deal.


However, let be clear here….. when we use Google and all those free Google services, do you really think Google is providing all this out of the goodness of its heart?? Seriously??


Of course not. As the Facebook IPO demonstrates so well, our personal information is worth money to advertisers – and worth a lot of it too.


So, taken to its logical conclusion, when we use Google and all those free Google services, Google puts tracking cookies on our machines, we effectively trade our this personal information for the use of Goolge services. Good trade, right??


Now, what do you expect Google to do in this market place? Facebook and its personalised advertising are beating down Google’s alley. Why do you think Google is fighting back with Goolge+ and including Google+ in its search results? (remember the kerfuffle that caused? Well, for a short period of time, anyway). You really expect them to sit on their hands when theres a way of collecting even more data??


You really need bigger excuses than putting some noses out of joint to pass on making money.


There’s a legitimate argument to be made that Google should be honouring web standards like the P3P standard that’s at the centre of this latest kerfuffle. the web with out standard is a bad place to be. But I’d argue that this is a natural occurrence in the evolution of standards. We’ll find a middle group between the privacy needs to users and the  need for advertisers to make money.


So, grow up techy people – the world outside Silicon Valley DOES NOT CARE!

PS – The US store chain Target uses almost the exact same techniques coupled with a little nifty statistics to tell when you’re pregnant.


PPS Go watch This Week In Tech Leo Laporte and Co have some excellent opinions on this.

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