Google Cookie Monster, Part Deux – Where Is The Debate??

I’m rather disspointed by thispost on GigaOm, responding to Microsoft’s Dean Hachamovitch’s post doing a little Google Privacy exposé of his own. .

The GigaOm post, it seems, blames Microsoft for pulling Google up on its failure to adhere to an old standard, in this case the P3P standard. This standard is meant to allow a site to notify a browser, and hence the user, on what it will do with the information it collects from you. In other words, the standard is meant to solve the very problem that started Google Cookiegate.

Instead of blaming Microsoft for jumping into the fray and touting its own browser, rather we should be pointing out that not only is Internet Explorer the only browser to implement this privacy related standard, but the fact that Google has highlighted the need for it to be improved.

Why is it that no other browsers implement this standard?? Why is it that there is no movement for it to be improved? All those bloggers calling bloody murder over this Google Cookiegate should be urging the updating and wider adoption of this standard.

Far from being a damp squib, Hachamovitch’s post is an important contribution to the debate. It may be self serving, but who else would have known of the existence of this standard if it wasn’t for that post.

Come on GigaOm – I expect better than blindly bashing any contribution Microsoft makes.

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