its been a busy week around here. first my RTM copy arrives on Monday, then my laptop arrives on Tuesday – so you can imagine the chaos of re-installing both a laptop and a server – Whew!!!

So far so good.

Thought I just tried to re-install the DHCP Add-In. the install when fine, but for some reason my PC’s couldn’t connect to  the Internet. Some troubleshooting to be done there.

The connector disc appears to have an old copy of the connector since its been screaming of an upgrade from the server.

The install completed fine, after about 8 hours or so!!! The good thing is that my back-ups appear to have been preserved( I thought that was impossible – any one else see this???).

I did get SageTv installed and that appears to be working fine ( I’ve yet to configure my clients to connect to it).

Its been a wee bit of an anti climax, buts its nice to have the RTM version to play with.