Windows Vista – Day 2 On The Alien Planet

Now Vista has given me a ride over the last couple of days.

I can understand why people are happy with XP. Or why they want to downgrade.

OK here goes:

  • Getting the laptop to connect to the Internet through my router has been a bit challenging.
    • This affects Live Update and any other programs that download stuff  ( or need to communicate with a remote server -like registering office)- thought, curiously not IE or Firefox
  • Getting programs to install can be challenging too
    • My WHS Connector can’t install because it can’t find my server (see above and below)
    • Windows tells me that there is a compatibility problem with Visual Studio 2005. When I install the Visual studio 2005 Service Pack for Vista, it tells me I haven’t got VS installed
    • Live writer failed to download and install
  • Restore removed Office and Nortons for some inexplicable reason
  • The number one thing is that accessing my server is a pain in the butt. Connector can see the server but not verify my password. Explorer can see it via the IP address but not via the name “server”

Somebody please tell me what I should do.

2 thoughts on “Windows Vista – Day 2 On The Alien Planet

  1. Dude I’m hating Vista so much right about now.. I actually had my machine prebuilt at Dell (which isn’t something I would normally do but I a huge discount thru my job).. Once a day I get a delightful BSOD saying memory_manager crapped out..

    Vista is crap. Viva La XP!

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