Tweets of the week (So far)

The second such post in an infinite series, hopefully:

Wil Wheatonwilw Retweeting @levarburton for truth: "I come FTW or not at all." 8:56 PM Jan 12th from twitterrific

Loic Le Meurloic OMG can someone find something serious to do for @scobleizer? He is so bored he writes nonsense how to get followed 7:22 AM Jan 12th from twhirl

Hugh MacLeodgapingvoid Why are the called "Companies"? Latin: "Cum" + "Pagnia"… "With + Bread" i.e. "Breaking bread together". 5:05 PM Jan 11th from web

Dave Winerdavewiner Funny thing happened on the way to writing a standard, today — found one already existed, by Digg. Didn’t reinvent. 5:32 AM Jan 10th from web

Yuvi Pandayuvipanda RT @karthiksn: ok college politics is hard to navigate when you are in the most hated department. (Am yet to determine the hatedness of CS) 2:55 PM Jan 9th from TweetDeck

Tim Braytimbray W000t! I have wrestled Android to the mat and crushed its feeble but subtle resistance. Mind you, now I have to refactor everything. 11:52 PM Jan 7th from twitterrific

Steve Isaacssteveisaacs If Twitter were a giant room, and you threw a rock, it would hit around 11 or 12 thousand "Social Media Experts" before hitting the floor. 10:14 PM Jan 7th from web

Jeff Atwoodcodinghorror somehow, we ended up with a table where the IsLocked field means Closed and IsClosed field means Locked. PROJECT MANAGEMENT GOLD, PEOPLE!! 10:10 AM Jan 7th from web

Jeff Atwoodcodinghorror uservoice item: "improve fascist voting system". HEIL! 11:54 PM Jan 6th from web

Jeff Atwoodcodinghorror actual comment left on Stack Overflow question: "You can’t just say something like ‘Fix this for me my peasant slaves’." LOL 10:50 AM Jan 2nd from web

Hope you enjoyed these as much as I did.

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