Warning: Contains Programmer Humor. Handle with care.

Rob Conery has a hilarious post up entitled: Restraining Order Granted for Microsoft’s C-Sharp Compiler

A taster:

A judge from Microsoft’s .NET County submitted a 00110101 year restraining order on Friday against Microsoft’s C-Sharp development community. The stay-away order bans Microsoft developers from using the compiler’s services as a development tool, forcing them to find other means to support their claims they "they are done" with features they are developing.

Highly recommended that you read the rest of it.

Thanks for the laugh Rob.

Scobles’ Molecules of Infomation

Devotion to Duty

Scobles’  molecules of information post reminded me of something. Blog posts are the original molecules of information. A blog post is a place to bring tweets, pics and youtube videos together. Since blogging took off, we have a host of new tools to add to the army knife. We have foursquare check-ins for example. they provide an awful lot of context to location sensitive tweets.

Thats why I’m sharing this here rather than going straight to Friendfeed and Twitter. 

I commented on Scobles’ post:

Er, Scoble. You can tag tweets. Its called hashtags. What we DON’T have is the ability to search and mine that information.
Friendfeed has hashtags as well. And FF has a far more power search engine for all these little atoms of information.
Friendfeed is way ahead of you. They show you related items.
The future is here, its just not evenly distributed yet.

To which Scoble replied (Disqus comments with replies are awsome, BTW)

Nice try. Hashtags are NOT tags. At least they aren’t anything like the tags that Flickr photos have. FriendFeed does NOT have tags. It has comments. Not the same again. Not even close. FriendFeed’s related items? They are to remove some duplication noise and that feature doesn’t work anywhere close to as well as a human curated system would. Try again.

To which I responded:

Robert, hashtags need a systematic engine for them to work as actual
tags. Twitter should add this.

But nonetheless they provide a way of categorising tweets. Tweetdecks
tweet filtering works primarily due to hashtags. For events, for
example, hashtags are brilliant.

Friendfeed related items link may primarily be for noise reduction,
but this functionaity could be greatly extended. Comments are content
as well, but quite often they provide context too. See Jesses’ FF3.0
FF posts this morning for an example. Where links between FF items are
posted in the comments.

If this were extended to solidify the relationtionship between items
beyond simply showing the items linking to the same page, we’d have
your information molecules.

The sum total of tweets, posts, videos, foursquare check ins, you name
it about something often ends up providing more context than any one
single service or method can provide.
Typically speaking blog posts have filled this need for creating
context, collateing all this related information together in a single
article. This tweet, that twitpic, this video. The first instance of
an information molecule.

As noted above we already have been manually adding in links between
related content. Geolocation services have always created information
molecules, combining tweets and google maps. In like manner, the
services concerned need to solidify these methods for other types of

What do you think?

Quote of the Day

This is funny enough for me to share, but too long for a tweet.

Wil Wheaton is playing Adventure on Atari:

Nolan: "You realize you’ve gone into that dead end five times, right?"

"Quiet you. This is how we did it back in the 80s."

Nolan: "You ran into the same dead end over and over again?"

"Yes, it was part of Reganomics.

See the rest here.

Blogging: I need my Mojo back


Blogs still have a very important place in the on going conversation. There is no medium quite like it, not even Friendfeed. Like books, blogs are the long form, the canvas on which we write our longer thoughts. Whether we use it for venting or ranting, commenting or telling or just plain writing, blogs are the corner stone of the online presence.

The one blogging tip I’ve consistently found is the “stick to it” rule: find your subject and stick to it. Which, in all honesty is not something I’ve done very well with this blog. There is so much to talk about and comment on and just plain only chat about that it can be easy to lose your focus :).

This is partly due to the fact that I only joined Twitter and Friendfeed recently, both of which are better for the kind of wide ranging discussion i enjoy.

And its also to do with the fact that, originally, this blog was set up at the drop of a hat, without any thought as to where it would go and what I would be doing online. It was almost an experiment with this newfangled thing that had come along. The whole idea was to witness the internet from the driving seat, rather than from the RSS feeds. This was at the dawn the of the social networking age, before Twitter and Facebook. Before a lot of stuff.

But I digress.

So what is my focus?? All things technology related. But as you can see, everyone else covers this far better than I ever could. Politics is too much of a heated subject for me blog about. Photography, one of my new passions in life, and programming (the passion), and music (the classical kind) and books (I joined Goodreads the other day).

My online presence at the moment is spread throughout Twitter, Freindfeed, Delicious and Smugmug. I’m seeing more and more people moving to bring these strands together in one site. This is perfectly logical and its the right thing to do.

A new site, a new blog, a new platform seems to be what I need. Sometimes I think setting up a WordPress blog is a little too easy. When you put the time and effort into the creation of something, you regard it totally differently.

So that what I’m going to do – set up a new site, part of which will include my blog.  And it’ll be me on the web, a personal presence tying together all of these desperate strands. Kind of like Austin’s Jet:

So I’m on the lookout for a new platform on which to run it. .Net is the preferred option, mainly because I can code it. I’ve looked at Oxite closely and the more I play with it the more I like it.

Why the effort?? You see, I enjoy writing. I really do. I don’t have English teachers after me for essays, or books to write. So writing a blog is the next best thing (maybe THE best). There really isn’t any other medium like it.

Now this particular blog will remain. No doubt I will find some use for it, but all that info is staying on line 🙂

I will continue posting here till things are sorted out, its probably some time away in any case.

Tweets of the Week

This weeks round up of  my favourite tweets:

Rex Hammockr Night has fallen on DC, but inauguration parade route is being lit by Joe Biden’s teeth. 10:57 PM Jan 20th from twhirl

Scott Hanselmanshanselman RT @SeanAlex: http://www.whitehouse.gov has relaunched, the executive branch has been rebooted. 5:41 PM Jan 20th from TwitterFon

Rafe NeedlemanRafe My son the train nut: "Obama and Mama and Dada and me are all going to ride in the caboose!" 3:35 PM Jan 20th from twhirl

jonathan rossWossy @rickwray Just got text back from Thom – " No sir I don’t twitter." 12:46 PM Jan 20th from web in reply to rickwray

(Classic British stiff upper lip, no??)

eclipse115eclipse115 David Bowie is kicking muppets. Ahhhh life is good 🙂 10:35 PM Jan 19th from digsby

Benjamin Spectorbenjaminspector Anne Coulter and Rush Limbaugh just attacked the Democratic Party as the party of immigrants. I wonder what Indian Tribe they come from. 7:40 PM Jan 19th from web

Spirit and Oppy MarsRovers Miles: "You are big gamblers. You risk a whole career on a 6 minute plunge in the atmosphere. That’s ALL IN baby." 11:54 PM Jan 15th from twhirl

Jeff Atwoodcodinghorror you haven’t truly lived until you’ve plugged 24 GB of memory into a server. I got chills. And this will be *peanuts* in 3 years. 11:42 PM Jan 14th from web

Robert ScobleScobleizer Hah, yeah @Carnage4Life my yogurt guy wasn’t right. I was wrong to get involved in Steve Jobs’ private life by reporting that. 10:39 PM Jan 14th from web

Dave Winerdavewiner steve jobs steve jobs steve jobs steve jobs steve jobs steve jobs steve jobs steve jobs steve jobs steve jobs steve jobs steve jobs 9:56 PM Jan 14th from web

Scott Hanselmanshanselman RT @mhumphrey: Had to stop following Hanselman. Great guy, but blabs like a woman 8:56 PM Jan 14th from TweetDeck

Remember I’m http://twitter.com/rbonini

Tweets of the week (So far)

The second such post in an infinite series, hopefully:

Wil Wheatonwilw Retweeting @levarburton for truth: "I come FTW or not at all." 8:56 PM Jan 12th from twitterrific

Loic Le Meurloic OMG can someone find something serious to do for @scobleizer? He is so bored he writes nonsense how to get followed http://is.gd/flyJ 7:22 AM Jan 12th from twhirl

Hugh MacLeodgapingvoid Why are the called "Companies"? Latin: "Cum" + "Pagnia"… "With + Bread" i.e. "Breaking bread together". 5:05 PM Jan 11th from web

Dave Winerdavewiner Funny thing happened on the way to writing a standard, today — found one already existed, by Digg. Didn’t reinvent. http://bit.ly/lvQi 5:32 AM Jan 10th from web

Yuvi Pandayuvipanda RT @karthiksn: ok college politics is hard to navigate when you are in the most hated department. (Am yet to determine the hatedness of CS) 2:55 PM Jan 9th from TweetDeck

Tim Braytimbray W000t! I have wrestled Android to the mat and crushed its feeble but subtle resistance. Mind you, now I have to refactor everything. 11:52 PM Jan 7th from twitterrific

Steve Isaacssteveisaacs If Twitter were a giant room, and you threw a rock, it would hit around 11 or 12 thousand "Social Media Experts" before hitting the floor. 10:14 PM Jan 7th from web

Jeff Atwoodcodinghorror somehow, we ended up with a table where the IsLocked field means Closed and IsClosed field means Locked. PROJECT MANAGEMENT GOLD, PEOPLE!! 10:10 AM Jan 7th from web

Jeff Atwoodcodinghorror uservoice item: "improve fascist voting system". HEIL! 11:54 PM Jan 6th from web

Jeff Atwoodcodinghorror actual comment left on Stack Overflow question: "You can’t just say something like ‘Fix this for me my peasant slaves’." LOL 10:50 AM Jan 2nd from web

Hope you enjoyed these as much as I did.

Remember I’m http://twitter.com/rbonini

Favorite Tweets/ FriendFeed Comments of the Day

Ok, quickie post here. I’m still alive but busy on university projects and studying for exams :(.

In no particular order

  1. FF : Ian May posted “My wife said, "Whatcha doin today?" I said, "Nothing." She said, "You did that yesterday." I said, "I wasn’t finished."”
  2. FF: Stupid Sleepy (aka Tina) asked: “Caption, please!”


    See the suggested captions at FriendFeed here.

  3. FF: BreakingNewsOn – Tweeted:

    “Statement from Israel on boat collision involving former US Congresswoman McKinney: http://www.bnonews.com

    To which Evan Brown commented: “Thankfully, McKinney is no longer in Washington screwing things up. Unfortunately, she is now oversees screwing things up”

  4. FF: Stupid Sleepy (aka Tina) posted this story:

    Mr Fixit’s Emily Newton, left, and Sara Cooper are ready to make the Taste toilet experience more enjoyable.

    I beg you to read the hilarious comments on FriendFeed here.

  5. And finally, while there its not funny, theres a twitter/Friendfeed effort to get Robert Scoble an interview with Steve Jobs of Apple. See here (FriendFeed) and here (Scoble’s original tweet) and here (@joshaidan’s response).

To be honest, emailing Steve Jobs is a bit daunting. But I will get round to it.

So come on,  help Scoble get an interview with Steve Jobs: email Steve: sjobs@apple.com. @joshaidan says to make it personal.