Tweets of the Week

This weeks round up of  my favourite tweets:

Rex Hammockr Night has fallen on DC, but inauguration parade route is being lit by Joe Biden’s teeth. 10:57 PM Jan 20th from twhirl

Scott Hanselmanshanselman RT @SeanAlex: has relaunched, the executive branch has been rebooted. 5:41 PM Jan 20th from TwitterFon

Rafe NeedlemanRafe My son the train nut: "Obama and Mama and Dada and me are all going to ride in the caboose!" 3:35 PM Jan 20th from twhirl

jonathan rossWossy @rickwray Just got text back from Thom – " No sir I don’t twitter." 12:46 PM Jan 20th from web in reply to rickwray

(Classic British stiff upper lip, no??)

eclipse115eclipse115 David Bowie is kicking muppets. Ahhhh life is good 🙂 10:35 PM Jan 19th from digsby

Benjamin Spectorbenjaminspector Anne Coulter and Rush Limbaugh just attacked the Democratic Party as the party of immigrants. I wonder what Indian Tribe they come from. 7:40 PM Jan 19th from web

Spirit and Oppy MarsRovers Miles: "You are big gamblers. You risk a whole career on a 6 minute plunge in the atmosphere. That’s ALL IN baby." 11:54 PM Jan 15th from twhirl

Jeff Atwoodcodinghorror you haven’t truly lived until you’ve plugged 24 GB of memory into a server. I got chills. And this will be *peanuts* in 3 years. 11:42 PM Jan 14th from web

Robert ScobleScobleizer Hah, yeah @Carnage4Life my yogurt guy wasn’t right. I was wrong to get involved in Steve Jobs’ private life by reporting that. 10:39 PM Jan 14th from web

Dave Winerdavewiner steve jobs steve jobs steve jobs steve jobs steve jobs steve jobs steve jobs steve jobs steve jobs steve jobs steve jobs steve jobs 9:56 PM Jan 14th from web

Scott Hanselmanshanselman RT @mhumphrey: Had to stop following Hanselman. Great guy, but blabs like a woman 8:56 PM Jan 14th from TweetDeck

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