Windows Azure Feedreader Episode 5: User Authentication

Firstly, apologies for being late with  this episode. Real life presented some challenges over the weekend.

This weeks episode focuses on the choice of user authentication systems. As I mentioned last week, there is a choice to be made between Google Federated login and Windows Live ID.

So, this week, I implement both systems.

It should be noted that I only do the basics for Google Federated Login – that is, only the openID part of the process. We’ll leave OAuth till later.

If you read my earlier post, I was still deliberating on which to use. Having actually worked with the dontnetopenauth library in an application centric manner, it does seem to be more appealing. Because it integrates nicely with Forms authentication, it lends itself to MVC. Also, because of this, having dual login systems isn’t going to be possible. So we have to choose one of them.

So next week, we’ll be removing the code  for the loser. As i said above, I’m leaning toward Google Federated Login.

So this week we cover:

Here’s the show:

And remember, you’ll have to go to to see the full HD version.

I had planed to test our OPML code that we wrote last week instead, but we’ll do that for next weeks episode. As  bonus, we can do it properly with full integration with user information.

About next weeks episode, I’m busy all weekend. The next episode may or may not appear on time next tuesday.